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Home services business

Home Improvement Franchise Opportunities

On average, homeowners spend more than $7,500 per year on home improvement projects in the United States.  This includes upgrades made in and outside of homes.  More and more homeowners are seeing the importance of increasing the safety, security, and aesthetic appeal of their property.  That’s why there has never been a better time to consider a home improvement franchise with Superior Fence & Rail.

Why Superior Fence & Rail is the Best Outdoor Franchise

The home services industry is ripe for the picking.  Outdoor franchise opportunities are excellent choices for owning your own business.  The difference in owning a fence franchise and other businesses, like a pool franchise or landscaping franchise, is that fences are often a required upgrade.  While pool or landscaping installations are popular outdoor home improvements, they are luxury investments.  As a Superior Fence & Rail franchise owner, you are ensured a great portion of your clientele will be investing in needed home improvements.  A down economy could potentially put a pool franchise or landscaping franchise out of business.  Superior Fence & Rail franchise owners have experienced not only sustainable but increased income in negative economic conditions.  Whether replacing a worn-down fence, or building all-new, fences are important for home security, as well as the safety of our families.  The bonus is that Superior Fence & Rail fences are beautiful, which will reward homeowners with the sense of pride that more frivolous home improvements might provide.

The Brand

Superior Fence & Rail Franchising

With over 100 physical locations, hundreds of employees and millions of feet of fence installed each year, our name is one of the most recognizable fence brands in the United States. Our compelling fence franchise system includes innovative proprietary technology, robust sales and operational training, and support and some of the strongest purchasing power in the industry. But probably the most appealing reason for joining our team is because our opportunity offers one of the highest returns on investment of virtually any other product or service related outdoor franchise offered anywhere.

Looking for one of the best franchise opportunities around?

If you’re looking to buy a business, your best option is to work with an established and successful existing franchise company. You’ve come to the right place. Superior Fence & Rail has established systems, training, and ongoing support to help you be successful. If you’ve been considering buying a small business, buy a franchise with a successful company that will help you launch your new company using the best tools and processes. Superior Fence & Rail currently has franchises for sale in Dallas, Fort Worth, Atlanta, Charlotte, Austin, Colorado Springs, Oklahoma City, Houston, Fayetteville NC, Knoxville, Memphis, Savannah, Denver, St Louis, Tulsa, Birmingham, Tallahassee, Panama City, Greensboro, Wilmington NC and Jackson MS. If your desired city is not on this list, reach out to us by filling out the form to evaluate opening a top fence franchise in your home city or desired city.

Rather than us telling you why you should join Superior Fence & Rail, we’ll let our current team members give you their reasons for joining.

Our Franchise Opportunity

Hear from Superior Fence & Rail franchise owners as they share their experiences. Learn more about our proven system and whether or not you’ll be a good fit.

Proven system with robust support

A proven system is crucial to your success when running your franchise business. See what we provide and how we support our franchise owners.

Who makes a good franchise owner?

Learn about the backgrounds of our franchise owners, what characteristics they have in common, and how they made a successful transition into the fencing business.

Why choose Superior Fence & Rail?

Hear first-hand from our current franchise owners about why they chose Superior Fence & Rail and what you can expect from our franchise opportunity.

Why Buy A Superior Fence Franchise?

Proven System
Operations Support
Proprietary Software
Marketing and Sales Support Training
Group Buying Power

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About Us

In 2001, our founder, who had no previous background in fencing or construction, brought a fresh perspective to the fence industry when he purchased a small vinyl fence company near Orlando, Florida. After significant growth in its first year, it was clear to him that being a fence contractor represented a fantastic business opportunity. Over the next several years, Superior Fence & Rail expanded to include nine additional corporate locations in the state of Florida. In 2017, our founder along with another Superior Fence & Rail veteran, decided to further expand the business by franchising the proven Superior Fence & Rail System. In less than three months, the company sold its first fence franchise and became the first and only active fence franchise ever developed in the United States. Since that time, we have sold one hundred additional franchises with several markets under consideration for development.


Eric Stanbra

“My business has doubled every year since I started. The second year we doubled our first year. I’m in the third year now and I’ve already sold more in 2021 than I did in all of 2020 and I think I actually did that by the beginning of June.”

Eric Stanbra was the third franchisee of Superior Fence & Rail.  After a successful career in medical device sales, including as a regional vice president of sales for a large medical device company, Eric wanted a change. He was ready to spend less time traveling and wanted to be closer to his family. He also felt that he could successfully lead his own business and generate wealth for himself and his family instead of generating wealth for others.  Eric has utilized his leadership training from the United States Military Academy at West Point, his on-the-ground experience from deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and his successful career in medical sales to build his franchise using the proven Superior Fence & Rail system.  Eric has already experienced immense success in the development of his franchise business and is looking forward to continued success while providing a valuable service to more customers every day.

Eric Stanbra – Owner, Superior Fence & Rail of Palm Beach

Andrea and Gary Locke

“Any time we’re in a situation where we need help, help is just a phone call away. If that person can’t help, they find someone who can. We don’t feel like we’re here on our own. We feel like we’re part of a bigger team and we’re all working together to do the same thing”

Andrea and Gary purchased the very first Superior Fence & Rail franchise in Ft Myers, Florida. The husband and wife team enjoyed long and successful careers in the hospitality industry before making a career change and becoming a franchisee of Superior Fence & Rail. Relying on the customer service skills that they had perfected in their earlier careers, and leveraging the training and tools that are part of the Superior Fence & Rail system, Gary and Andrea have built a highly successful, customer-centric enterprise that is truly representative of the Superior Fence & Rail brand. Their focus on giving each customer the best experience possible has paid off.  To date, they have earned hundreds of online published reviews with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. They are truly wonderful ambassadors of Superior Fence & Rail.

Andrea & Gary Locke – Owners, Superior Fence & Rail of Southwest Florida


“Our technology is better than everybody else out there in the fence industry”

Ralph Barden and Dustin Taylor began their careers with one of the corporate Superior Fence & Rail locations in Jacksonville, Florida.  After advancing through the ranks in Jacksonville, they decided that they wanted a new challenge and decided to open a Superior Fence & Rail franchise on their own.  Their knowledge of the Superior system was so vast and they executed it so well that one of their roles at the corporate location was to actually train and support new franchisees in the Superior system. It is no surprise that they had immediate success with their first franchise location, and then opened up a second franchise location less than a year later. 

Ralph Barden & Dustin Taylor – Owners, Superior Fence & Rail of Pensacola & North Shore

Pensacola, FL
Doug Czerwonka

“What I like about this business model is you can grow it as quick or as fast as you want. If you’re in a good market, and you follow the instructions, you’ll be ok. There’s a recipe. But if you’re proactive, ahead of what you think is going to happen, you can even do better. The model that you give us definitely works. It made it very easy.”

For Doug and Venise Czerwonka, the fence business is a family affair.  After serving as a successful Chief Human Resources Officer in the corporate world, Doug was looking to find a successful franchise model in order to control his financial future. Because the franchise territory where Doug and Venise had already been taken, they were open to moving to a new city to open their Superior Fence & Rail franchise.  After evaluating several possible locations, they chose Nashville, Tennessee. Doug performs management functions and also serves on the front line as one of the company’s sales consultants. Venise focuses on the day-to-day operations while their daughter and son-in-law also assist in various aspects of the business. The Czerwonkas are enjoying growing their business organically at a pace that ensures they meet or exceed their aggressive profitability goals while building an asset to sustain their family financially for years to come.

Doug & Venice Czerwonka – Owners, Superior Fence & Rail of Nashville


“When I did the analysis of the investment required compared to the income potential…nothing else I had looked at even came close.”

I had been working in a large corporate job when I decided that I would never have the financial security I desired if I continued along that career path. I had initially been looking at purchasing an independent business when I found the Superior Fence & Rail opportunity. The fact that I had no prior fence experience whatsoever caused me some initial concern but after speaking to some of the existing team members and learning about the Superior System, I felt confident that I could be successful using their framework. But the main reason I took the leap is because when I did the analysis of the investment required compared to the income potential of the business, there was nothing else I had looked at that even came close. That was almost 10 years ago!

Todd Paroline – Superior Fence & Rail of Brevard County, Inc.


“Superior Fence & Rail allowed me to focus on my strengths as an operator while giving me the system and the tools to allow my business to grow.”

I was one of the few early members of the Superior Fence & Rail team who actually had prior fence experience. I had always been a pretty good operator, having been involved in fencing since I was a young man, but my prior fence company still struggled. Once I joined on with Superior Fence & Rail in 2009, it allowed me to tap into a proven system that had already been successful, and to take advantage of incredible material pricing based on their cumulative purchasing volume. The result was immediate profitability, and that was in 2009 when the construction market was extremely soft! Simply put, Superior Fence & Rail allowed me to focus on my strengths as an operator while giving me the system and the tools to allow my business to grow. I would strongly recommend the Superior Fence & Rail opportunity to anyone who is looking to gain financial independence for a relatively modest investment.

Mike Crosby – Superior Fence & Rail of Pinellas County, Inc.


“In 2008 I decided to move from the UK to the USA and to seek out potential business opportunities…It was a seamless transition with the support of the Superior team and infrastructure.”

In 2008 I decided to move from the UK to the USA and to seek out potential business opportunities, After a lot of research I found Superior Fence & Rail. After due diligence I found that the investment seemed very lucrative, and I was especially interested because of it being a visa approved business. I moved over in late August 2009 and hit the ground running, The business had all the necessary vendors in place and agreements with industry leading suppliers, which enabled me to concentrate on expanding and growing the business. It was a seamless transition with the support of the Superior team and infrastructure. I am very happy to be part of the Superior Fence & Rail team!

Ken Morrison – Superior Fence & Rail of Winter Haven, Florida, Inc.


Market Selection

We currently have several protected fence franchise territories available in the United States.

Birmingham, AL Treasure Coast, FL St. Louis, MO Chattanooga, TN
Fayetteville, AR Athens, GA Omaha, NE Knoxville, TN
Northeast Los Angeles, CA Atlanta, GA Central NJ Memphis, TN
West Los Angeles, CA Augusta, GA Northern NJ Nashville, TN
North Sacramento, CA South Atlanta, GA Southern NJ Austin, TX
Orange County, CA Macon, GA Albany, NY Dallas, TX
Riverside County, CA North GA Buffalo, NY Fort Worth, TX
North San Diego, CA Savannah, GA Hudson Valley, NY North Houston, TX
East San Francisco Bay, CA Southwest GA Nassau County, NY Southeast Houston, TX
San Jose, CA Valdosta, GA Rochester, NY Southwest Houston, TX
Ventura County, CA Chicago, IL Suffolk County, NY West Houston, TX
Denver, CO Boise, ID Charlotte, NC San Antonio, TX
Northern CO Indianapolis, IN Greensboro, NC Spring, TX
Hartford, CT Central IA Greenville, NC Salt Lake City, UT
West Connecticut Lexington, KY Raleigh, NC Fairfax, VA
Broward County, FL Louisville, KY Wilmington, NC Norfolk, VA
Central Florida Northern KY Akron, OH Northern VA
Daytona Beach, FL Owensboro, KY Cincinnati, OH Richmond, VA
Gainesville, FL Lafayette, LA Cleveland, OH Roanoke, VA
Lake County, FL Baltimore, MD Columbus, OH Seattle, WA
North Florida, FL Boston, MA Toledo, OH Tacoma, WA
Palm Beach County, FL Detroit, MI Tulsa, OK Madison, WI
Pasco Area, FL Grand Rapids, MI Portland, OR Milwaukee, WI
Pensacola Area, FL Southwest MI Philadelphia, PA
Pinellas County, FL Minneapolis, MN Pittsburgh, PA
Polk County, FL St. Paul, MN Rhode Island
Sarasota, FL Gulf Port, MS Charleston, SC
Southwest FL Jackson, MS Columbia, SC
Space Coast, FL Kansas City, MO Greenville, SC
Tallahassee, FL Springfield, MO Myrtle Beach, SC
Broward County Birmingham, AL Cleveland, OH
Central Florida Fayetteville, AR Philadelphia, PA
Daytona Beach Denver, CO Columbia, SC
Gainesville West Connecticut Greenville, SC
Lake County Athens, GA Nashville, TN
Miami Atlanta, GA Austin, TX
North Florida South Atlanta, GA Dallas, TX
Palm Beach County Savannah, GA Fort Worth, TX
Pasco Area Boise, ID North Houston, TX
Pensacola Area North Shore, LA West Houston, TX
Pinellas County Grand Rapids, MI Norfolk, VA
Polk County Jackson, MS Richmond, VA
Sarasota Omaha, NE
Southwest Florida Charlotte, NC
Space Coast Raleigh, NC
1. Little Rock, AR 16. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 31. Allentown, PA
2. Hartford, CT 17. Kansas City, MO 32. Harrisburg, PA
3. Wilmington, DE 18. St. Louis, MO 33. Pittsburg, PA
4. Tallahassee, FL 19. Manchester, NH 34. Myrtle Beach, SC
5. Augusta, GA 20. Fayetteville, NC 35. Knoxville, TN
6. Columbus, GA 21. Greensboro, NC 36. Memphis, TN
7. Macon, GA 22. Wilmington, NC 37. Houston, TX
8. Cedar Rapids, IA 23. Akron, OH 38. San Antonio, TX
9. Davenport, IA 24. Cincinnati, OH 39. Tyler/Longview, TX
10. Des Moines, IA 25. Dayton, OH 40. Salt Lake City, UT
11. Wichita, KS 26. Toledo, OH
12. Louisville, KY 27. Youngstown, OH
13. Baton Rouge, LA 28. Oklahoma City, OK
14. Boston, MA 29. Tulsa, OK
15. Detroit, MI 30. Portland, OR

The Investment

Type of
Expenditure (1)
Estimated Low/High
Method of
When Due To Whom Payment is Made
Franchise Fee (2)
$59,500 Lump Sum Upon signing the
Franchise Agreement
Software License Fee $2,500 Lump Sum Upon signing the
Franchise Agreement
Travel and living expenses while training (3) $2,000/$3,000 As incurred As incurred during training Airlines, hotels, restaurants
Tools and equipment (4) $10,000/$35,000 Lump Sum At delivery Suppliers
Computer hardware and software (5) $800/$2,000 Lump Sum At delivery Suppliers, vendors
Inventory (6) $15,000/$25,000 Before opening and as needed At delivery Suppliers
Trade show booth $2,500/$2,500 Lump Sum As arranged Suppliers
Rent and Security Deposit for Office and Storage Facility (7) $4,000/$12,000 As incurred Varied times Suppliers, vendors
Furniture and Fixtures $1,200/$7,800 As incurred Varied times Suppliers, vendors
Vehicle (8) $3,000/$10,000 Monthly fee or lump sum Varied terms Auto dealer
Vehicle signage and Outfitting (9) $2,500/$5,000 As incurred At delivery Vendors
Initial marketing expenses (10) $10,000/$15,000 As incurred Varied times Vendors
Additional Funds – 3 months (11) $20,000/$30,000 As incurred Varied times Suppliers, utilities

Our Management Team

Unparalleled support and leadership for our franchise owners from a proven team with over 30 years in the fencing, information technology and legal industries.

Zach Peyton

President & Co-Founder of Superior Fence & Rail Franchise

Mr. Peyton graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point before serving as an officer of the United States Army as an intelligence officer. Mr. Peyton served one tour in…

Read Zach's Full Bio >

Mr. Peyton graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point before serving as an officer of the United States Army as an intelligence officer. Mr. Peyton served one tour in Afghanistan and received the Bronze Star for his service. In 2009, Zach left the military and moved to Jacksonville to open Superior Fence & Rail of North Florida.  By 2016, Zach had led the North Florida office to be recognized as a leader, not only within the Superior Fence & Rail group, but also within the wider industry.  Zach agreed to partner with Chris and use the North Florida office as the model for franchise expansion.

As President, Zach oversees the day to day operations of the franchise. He also works directly on franchise development.  When he’s not working, Zach spends time with his wife Carlie and their four children.

Chris Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Legal Counsel and Co-Founder of Superior Fence & Rail Franchise

Mr. Johnson graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Florida Levin College of Law…

Read Chris' Full Bio >

Mr. Johnson graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Florida Levin College of Law. 

After graduating from law school, Mr. Johnson worked at a large regional law firm in Atlanta, Georgia as a corporate finance and securities practitioner. In 2001, Chris moved back to Orlando and purchased a small fence company that he re-branded as Superior Fence & Rail. Over the subsequent decade, Chris expanded the concept in the state of Florida with five additional offices operating under trademark and license agreements. In 2017, Chris decided to start expanding the business again under a franchise model. 

As CEO, Chris sets the strategic vision for the franchise and provides guidance and advice to franchisees.  As Chief Legal Counsel, he advises the franchisor on legal matters including franchisor compliance with applicable laws and protection of its intellectual property and also provides legal assistance and support to franchisees on an as needed basis.  When he’s not obsessing about how to grow and protect Superior Fence & Rail, he is spending time with his family.

Randy Jeppesen

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Jeppesen graduated from the University of Florida – Warrington College of Business in 1998 with a degree in Decision and Information Science.  Mr. Jeppesen started his career…

Read Randy's Full Bio >

Mr. Jeppesen graduated from the University of Florida – Warrington College of Business in 1998 with a degree in Decision and Information Science.  Mr. Jeppesen started his career as a technology architect at Accenture where he prototyped advanced architectures for Aon Enterprises, USPS and Bellsouth.  When the first version of .Net was released, Mr. Jeppesen jumped at the opportunity to be among the first Ambassadors of .Net by accepting a position at Avanade -a Microsoft/Accenture joint venture.  Today, Mr. Jeppesen continues his passion for technology and the latest Microsoft technologies at Superior Fence & Rail.

Mr. Jeppesen is primarily responsible for the design and development of Fence360 – our proprietary software.  Mr. Jeppesen is also responsible for our online marketing strategy, IT infrastructure, and website development.

Darcy Vance

QuickBooks and SOS Inventory Support Consultant

Darcy Vance is the QuickBooks and SOS Inventory Support Consultant for Superior Fence & Rail. Mrs. Vance has 18 years of Quickbooks experience and a strong…

Read Darcy's Full Bio >

Darcy Vance is the QuickBooks and SOS Inventory Support Consultant for Superior Fence & Rail. Mrs. Vance has 18 years of Quickbooks experience and a strong background in Construction Accounting with experience in office management, human resources and bookkeeping.

Mrs. Vance trains all new Superior Fence & Rail franchisees in QuickBooks Online, the accounting platform of choice and SOS Inventory, the inventory management platform of choice. Mrs. Vance provides ongoing training and guidance to ensure that every office has all the information, tools, understanding and confidence to succeed.
Darcy is originally from Washington state but lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and two children. Her oldest is a student at University of North Florida and her youngest is in high school and plays travel softball. In her free time, Darcy enjoys spending time with her family at the beach or cheering on her daughter at softball tournaments.

Orion Cruzan

IT Admin and Systems Support Analyst

Orion is our Franchise IT Admin and Systems Support Analyst. He actively works to provide information technology support for current and future Superior offices…

Read Orion's Full Bio >

Orion is our Franchise IT Admin and Systems Support Analyst. He actively works to provide information technology support for current and future Superior offices. Orion has nearly a decade of IT experience and leverages his knowledge, skills and mindset to help you get the most out of your systems.

This includes maintaining and updating all Superior technology platforms, onboarding new offices and training franchisees on how to use their technology platforms to empower them and their business.

Orion currently lives in Richmond, Virginia. He enjoys walking around beautiful downtown Richmond and creative outlets like writing and drawing.

Dorothy Spaulding

HR Director

Dorothy Spaulding has been the HR Coordinator for the North Florida franchise for 4 years and provides HR and Recruiting support as needed for for the franchises…

Read Dorothy's Full Bio >

Dorothy Spaulding has been the HR Coordinator for the North Florida franchise for 4 years and provides HR and Recruiting support as needed for the franchises. Dorothy has over 20 years of HR/Recruiting experience and has a strong background in Fencing/Construction recruitment. Dorothy graduated from Aquinas College with a Bachelor degree in Business Management and has a Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Dorothy is originally from California, but has lived in Jacksonville for 6 years with her husband Scott Duncan (Assistant Field Operations Leader in Jacksonville) and their 4 Furbabies (all miniature dachshunds). In her spare time, she is very involved with the children’s ministry at her local church as well as doing community outreach.

Why Choose a Superior Fence & Rail Franchise

If you’re going to get in the fence industry, why not join the best brand in fencing? Superior Fence & Rail is one of few fence companies in the United States that have multiple locations. There are many fence companies that service multiple geographical areas, but very few have been successful enough to open up more than one or two locations. Why has Superior Fence & Rail been able to achieve what its competitors have not? The answer is simple…it’s because of our proven system. Here is what you can expect as a Superior Fence & Rail franchisee.

Operations Support

Our team at Superior Fence & Rail will assist you in obtaining everything you need to get your fence franchise operating and to put you on the right path from the beginning. From site evaluation to operational and sales training to establishing relationships with our preferred vendors and suppliers, our system gives you the tools you need to succeeds and to control your own destiny.


We provide product specific sales training and certified fence installation training to all of our franchise owners. This training program consists of both a classroom component and a field component. Our experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in the fence industry. Upon completion of your training, you will return to your market where you will be prepared to grow your business using the proven Superior Fence & Rail system.

Proprietary Software

We provide product and process-specific client management and sales tracking software. Fence 360 will allow you to track leads, sales, sales conversion rates, your sales staff, and finances. The program was developed just for us to easily track and understand where the best leads are coming from and continuously improve upon our marketing and sales efforts within each market. Our dedicated team will train you to make sure you get the most out of the system so you can grow your business using all the most relevant data in the Superior Fence & Rail system.

Marketing and Sales Support

Our marketing and sales support team will assist in developing a marketing and sales campaigns specifically for your franchise area, and you will receive comprehensive sales training specific to each of the fence products that you will be selling, including our exclusive brand of Superior Fence Products that we offer.

Group Buying Power

Our purchasing power allows us to be the low cost producer of high quality vinyl and aluminum fencing and you will be benefit from the purchasing power of an enterprise far larger than any individual location. Our collective buying power gives you the ability to obtain pricing generally reserved for only the largest companies the minute you open your doors.

How We Make Money

Look around and you will begin to notice something…fences are everywhere! Whether it is to secure a property, to give a yard some privacy or to enclose an open pool for safety, people always need fencing. Our industry is fast paced, exciting and profitable.

Installing Fence For Residential Consumers

Homeowners are among the largest individual segment of fence consumers that exist. In 2017, more than 60 percent of the 9.2 billion dollar U.S. fence market comprised residential fence consumers. Whether it is for privacy, security or aesthetics, residential homeowners regularly purchase fence. The next time you drive through your neighborhood, look around and notice how abundant fencing is throughout your community. Our fence franchise opportunity capitalizes on this ever present need for residential fencing by teaching you how to market, sell and install fence to the residential market segment.

Installing Fence For Businesses

Are you looking for a business that generates consistent recurring revenue? Did you know that home builders, pool contractors, landscape architects, commercial building contractors, land developers, hardscape contractors, property management companies and local governments are just some of the businesses that purchase fencing on a regular basis?

In most states, local statutes require that pools must be enclosed with a screen or fence in order to protect neighboring children. Nationally, more than half of all pools will have fencing installed. Home builders and land developers routinely install fences to beautify their neighborhoods and offer privacy to prospective purchasers. Property management companies regularly need fencing for the same reason.

Our fence franchise opportunity teaches you how to effectively market and sell fencing to these types of regular fence buyers.

Selling Fence Material

In addition to installing fence materials to consumers and businesses, we also sell material straight to the customers that prefer to install the fence on their own. Because we are the low-cost producer of fencing in many markets, we also sell wholesale fence to the trades, which includes fence contractors, landscapers, carpenters and handymen.