Buy a Business

Are you ready to buy a business to achieve your dream of becoming an entrepreneur? There are many forks on the road to purchasing an existing business.

If you are ready to buy a business and are researching the types of businesses that suit your personal goals and lifestyle, consider franchising with Superior Fence & Rail. Purchasing an existing business means that you are investing in that company’s reputation. Do you know of any other home services business that has more than 3,000 5-star reviews, which is offering opportunities to buy in? Superior Fence & Rail could be the business for you.

Why Buy a Business

Proven System
Strong Brand Recognition
Reduced Risk
Become an Entrepreneur
Group Buying Power

Buy a business with staying power

Superior Fence & Rail has been in business since 2001, setting the stage for future franchise owners to succeed. Over the years, we have not only innovated proprietary fence products, which set ours apart from the rest, but we have developed a franchise system that proves to be very successful in a short amount of time – over and over, franchisee by franchisee. Superior Fence & Rail endured the recession in 2008 – 2009, with every location remaining open, and maintaining fantastic sales closing rates. Superior Fence & Rail franchises are not too big, and not too small. Our franchises are sized just right to maintain and thrive in tough economies. Fences are not a frivolous expenditure. More times than not, they are a necessary investment. We provide products and services that are always in demand.

Should you buy a business that feels more local and homegrown?

Superior Fence & Rail has locations across the United States. Each location uses our proven franchise model, but each franchisee is intuitive to their local market needs. Some locations install more vinyl fences. Others largely build wood fences. Superior Fence & Rail will help you customize your product offering based on your locale. If you buy a small business, which began as a local “two guys and a truck” venture, you could be buying poor quality products and installations, and a less-than-perfect reputation. Even though you might be endeared to this sort of business, please consider the benefits of purchasing into Superior Fence & Rail’s proven franchising system and ultimately trusted brand across the country.

Should you buy a fence business?

Like we mentioned above, fences are wise and necessary investments, and are always in demand. Whether you are providing fences for brand new communities, private properties, or replacing aging fences anywhere, know that fence building is needed in every community, at one time or another. Superior Fence & Rail also offers the advantage of providing the highest quality fences on the market at reasonable rates. We have worked to build our company since 2001, leveraging huge buying power, which means that you too, have that buying power. Superior Fence & Rail purchases fencing materials in such quantities that we are offered fantastic savings. In turn, our franchise owners are able to pass those savings along to their fence clients. When it comes to fencing materials, it’s hard to beat Superior Fence & Rail. We have authored our own wood and vinyl specifications, from which all our fences are built – far exceeding minimum requirements. Your clients won’t get a better fence for the money from any other company. If you are considering buying a business, consider buying a fence business with Superior Fence & Rail.

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