Fence FranchiseIs now a good time to start a business?

May 9, 2020by Robin Steele

Is now a good time to start a business?

The recent worldwide pandemic has thrown many U.S. workers into an economic tailspin. With many businesses not on the essential business registry, some companies have had to lay off employees. Others have had to permanently close their doors. These are the times that set employees with an ingrained entrepreneurial spirit afire inside. If you want to take control over your financial destiny, now is the time to start a recession-resistant business with America’s largest fence franchise.

Now is, in fact, a great time to start a business.  If you’re looking to explore a new venture to support your family and gain better control over your livelihood, consider becoming a fence franchise owner with Superior Fence & Rail.  There are many benefits to achieving entrepreneurship, and even more advantages to becoming a fence company owner with Superior Fence & Rail.

Superior Fence & Rail is a crisis and recession-resistant company.

There is never a bad time to open a Superior Fence & Rail fence franchise.  One of the most important considerations in starting a new business is how your company might fare in challenging economic times.  In 2008, we saw many U.S. businesses struggle to survive, and many US businesses did not make it through the recession.  Superior Fence & Rail not only survived, but we also thrived.  While smaller fence providers closed shop, we gained market share.  Our sales remained strong throughout, and not a single Superior Fence & Rail location closed.  More recently, the COVID-19 crisis has caused alarm in many industries, yet our fence businesses continue to endure and thrive.  Part of our continued success, even in difficult economic times, is that Superior Fence & Rail leads its franchise owners in growing their businesses at the proper pace and with the proper tools and ongoing support.  Companies that are too large, with exorbitant overhead costs, often fold in hard times.  Conversely, companies that are not large enough are forced to close during crises.

Superior Fence & Rail business owners get a great return on their investments.

If you have done research in our industry regarding the cost of purchasing a fence company, you will find that our initial investment requirements are more affordable.  As a Superior Fence & Rail franchise owner, your investment of about $100,000 can quickly grow into a business that is valued at $500,000.  You will find that the fences you provide are necessary investments for homeowners regardless of their home size or location.  Our 20 years in business have made our company and our brand one of the most trusted and recognized fencing companies in the United States.  Our reputation in the fencing industry will be the foundation for your new business success.

Have you always yearned to be in business for yourself?

Superior Fence & Rail franchise owners will tell you they were once just like you.  They were seeking an opportunity for themselves, born of a lifelong dream of business ownership.  Entrepreneurs can be made, but we find that our successful business owners have an innate drive to be in business for themselves.  Born entrepreneurs are not just interested in making a lot of money or becoming their own boss.  They, like you perhaps, began with an enormous desire to build something great – a successful business and even a family legacy.

If you are ready to take on the challenge and opportunity of owning your own business, Superior Fence & Rail is ready to help you begin your journey.  Our track record of success has been constructed one new franchise at a time, and we are ever-expanding.  As a Superior Fence & Rail franchise owner, you will find that our proven franchise system, training, and continued support will lead you to the success you seek.

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