Fence FranchiseCreate Lasting Value with a Fence Company Franchise

August 18, 2018by Zach Peyton

Unless you grew up in a family-owned fence business, it’s not likely you ever said, “one day when I grow up, I want to own a fence company.” Let’s face it, contracting businesses are tough, and the legacy fence industry is full of challenges that make it among the least desirable businesses to start. So it may seem contrary to state that one can create sustainable wealth and value in a fence company franchise, but the fence industry is ripe for franchising.

Starting a fence franchise

The reasons for starting with a franchise versus starting with your own business are many, but mainly people choose to start franchises because they see a safer bet. And in most franchises, that safety comes at the cost of lower profits. Yet in the fence industry, there is synergy created with a few factors that enable rapid expansion and profitability in a franchise model. For example, the buying power of a fence franchisor enables a new franchisee to have the buying power of an established fence company from day one. This can mean savings of up to 20% or more over the competition. And in an industry where professionalism is on the wane, an advantage in buying and a focus on professionalism and first class customer service is almost certain to add enough value to overcome the franchisor’s percentage of sales.

An example of success – Fort Myers Fence Company Franchise

When Superior Fence & Rail opened in Fort Myers, the new franchisee was able to establish accounts with vendors, open his site, and begin selling fence products and installation within 60 days of signing his franchise agreement. And with the power of an established brand in fencing, the owner may see $1M in sales in year one. With the support of the franchise model he is instantly an industry leader in his market, which is truly remarkable when combined with the profit opportunity.

The best part – Selling a fence franchise

As if the benefits weren’t clear enough, the final benefit of owning a fence franchise comes at the end of the journey. Fence businesses typically sell for 2-4 times EBITDA, so an initial investment of $150,000 may turn into a business that is worth $850,000 within five to ten years of opening. But with a proven business model built around great people, smart processes, and innovative technology, why would you ever want to sell your fence franchise?

About Superior Fence & Rail

Superior Fence & Rail is redefining the legacy fence industry. If you want to know more about how to buy a fence franchise, visit https://fencefranchise.superiorfenceandrail.com/ or contact [email protected]. Our newest Sarasota fence company is opening soon!