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May 30, 2021by Robin Steele

2021 Brings Explosive Growth to Superior Fence & Rail

On June 14, 2021, Superior Fence & Rail will celebrate the milestone of 30 fence franchise locations, with the official opening of 2nd Atlanta outpost.

At the turn of the new year, there were 22 Superior Fence & Rail franchises across the United States.  Our company has been on the move, clocking a massive 36% growth in franchise markets in only the first six months of 2021.  It is a fantastic time for anyone, who is searching for new business opportunities in the home services market, to consider joining our team of franchisees.  There is so much more to come for Superior Fence & Rail!

New Fence Franchise Locations

We are pleased to be expanding the Superior brand into untapped territories, each with their specific market requirements.  From Michigan to Texas, Nebraska to Connecticut, our goal is to help new franchisees identify their market’s needs and fulfill them with our Superior fencing products and fence building services.  We anticipate continued growth in 2021 and beyond.  Superior Fence & Rail has begun or will begin new operations by mid-June in the following markets.

  1. Omaha, Nebraska
  2. North Houston, Texas
  3. Richmond, Virginia
  4. Connecticut
  5. West Michigan
  6. South Atlanta, Georgia
  7. North Shore, Mississippi
  8. North Atlanta, Georgia

Is fence building or construction experience required for new company owners?

Superior Fence & Rail has franchise owners from many walks of life.  We have Armed Forces veterans, former Corporate America execs, and even franchisees, who began as Superior Fence & Rail employees.  A couple of our new locations have been launched by existing franchisees, who sought to expand their businesses into new fence markets.  We believe our employees-turned-franchisees and single franchisees-turned multiple franchise owners boldly speak to the potential for success for anyone seeking a franchise opportunity.  Those owners are a testament to the trust that our own employees and current franchisees have in our company owners, as well as our franchise system.

Turn the 2020 ‘startup boom’ into your 2021 franchise opportunity.

NPR reported a record number of 4mm new businesses registered in the United States in 2020.  Massive job losses and company restructures saw Americans eager to channel their fear into determination.  Whether the COVID-era economy enlightened you to potential pitfalls in your current career path, or cut short your career dreams, many employees are taking hold of their destinies by journeying into business ownership.  The benefit of joining Superior Fence & Rail’s franchise system is not only in the huge need for a professional fence company in any given market.  It also in the startup support and training our new franchisees receive to embolden a successful beginning.  It is the lower start-up costs than starting a business from scratch.  It is the ongoing support provided by corporate ownership and fellow franchisees.  It is the quality products and services provided by every Superior Fence & Rail franchise location.  It is the thousands of satisfied clients and stellar reputation of our company.  All these things and more, continue to encourage potential franchisees to reach out to us.  If you are ready to start your journey into franchise ownership, Superior Fence & Rail is ready to speak with you!

Are you ready to own a fence franchise with Superior Fence & Rail? For franchising information, visit https://fencefranchise.superiorfenceandrail.com/ or contact [email protected].

Why Choose Superior Fence & Rail Franchise?

  • Operations Support & Training
  • No-Experience Necessary
  • Proprietary Software
  • Marketing and Sales Support Training
  • Group Buying Power
  • Residential & Commercial Clientele

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